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Founded in 1986, the Wallpaper History Society was established to promote an awareness and understanding of historic and contemporary wallcoverings. Our scope is broad and encompasses not only the history of wallpapers but also topics relating to other types of wallcoverings, the subject of interior decoration as a whole and the increasing role which digital technology plays in design.

The study of wallcoverings was traditionally seen as rather esoteric, of interest only to specialist researchers and enthusiasts. But in the mid-1980s, articles on period decoration began to feature regularly in journals and magazines and it became clear that a much larger audience had developed an interest in the subject. Even so, information about, for example, the manufacture, design and location of historic and contemporary patterns could still be hard to obtain. The Wallpaper History Society was founded to help answer questions of this kind by developing both a network of sources and ways in which information could be made accessible.

The Society aims to encourage research and provide information on all aspects of wallpaper design, production and consumption, to foster an awareness of the importance of preserving period decorations, and to provide a much needed point of contact for all the different groups and individuals interested in these issues.  Having acquired charitable status, we have endeavoured to promote the educational aspects of wallpapers. To this end, we now liaise with colleges offering courses in applied art. We now hold wallpaper design competitions for students, award prizes and offer a company-based internship to the winner.  We also offer a bursary and are delighted to report that our first bursary has been awarded. The purpose of the bursary is to promote published work in the field. We will report about the progress of publications in the near future.

In 2006 the society was registered as a charity. Registered No: 11113163

The Society does not sell or source wallpapers or wallcoverings, please refer to our Directory.



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